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Faulty Switch Repair

Keeping your electrical system in tip top shape is our priority. All of our servicing, including electrical switch repair, is performed with the utmost professionalism. Our certified electricians ensure the job is completed correctly, while providing outstanding customer service along the way. When it comes time for necessary repairs to your electrical system, our team provides trusted service, keeping you safe and properly wired.

Faulty switches are hazardous, and commonly occur as your system ages, or as a result of poor installation. Faulty switches can be caused by several issues, including:
  • Loose connections
  • Broken plastic components
  • Tripped wall outlets
  • Bad switches or faulty wiring
  • And more

How Do I Know if My Electrical Switch Needs Repair?

Oftentimes, issues with your electrical switches are accompanied by crackling, pops, or snapping sounds when you flip your switch, and are a serious hazard if left unaddressed. As a general practice, it is wise to have your system evaluated regularly to identify problems early. If you notice one of the issues described here, it is critical to ensure safe repair as soon as possible to avoid fires or electrical shock. Our team at Hartland Electric is well-trained in switch repair, and prepared to offer prompt, certified service when these dangerous conditions arise in your home or business.

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All of our electrical installations and repairs are 100% guaranteed. Are you worried about funding? We fix that too with convenient financing options.

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At Hartland Electric, we provide quality and trustworthy service at every appointment, and offer a 100% guarantee on our work. We give you cost of repairs on site. 

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Electrical Services

Hartland Electric is ready to fit you for the perfect ceiling fan solution. Our home electricians will have your new ceiling fan installed and running in no time!

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A must have for any business or home. A generator provides backup power for your essential appliances and equipment, so you can continue to operate. 

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Electrical Repairs

Electrical switches come in all varieties. Our experts help decipher exactly what you need, following up with expert installation. We install a full range of switches.

EV Chargers

Hartland Electric remains on the forefront of emerging technology, including electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and car chargers. Click below to learn more. 

Dependable, Trustworthy, Expertise

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Do you want to upgrade your electrical system but can’t afford to pay for everything up front? Hartland Electric LLC offers multiple financing options to help make it more affordable than ever for you to change how you power up, or repair your current electrical system in your home or business.
We can provide financing for:
Convenient financing for your electrical needs

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Picking a trustworthy, experienced Michigan electrician for the complicated electrical work required in your home or business is important. Our hometown company is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to each and every customer. We arrive at every job prepared and ensure we get the job done right every time. Our technicians are experienced and certified, our trucks are stocked, and our values demand the best in customer service.
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