Whole Home Surge Protection

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Whole Home Surge Protection

Hartland Electric is a Certified Electrical Contractor for Eaton’s top-of-the-line whole home surge protection systems!

Did you know that the average home has over $20,000 worth of unprotected electronics, plus sensitive microprocessors within smart home systems and appliances, that are all vulnerable to damaging power surges?

We all know the frustration that goes along with a power outage that lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Now imagine the pain and cost associated with that same outage frying the delicate electronics in your refrigerator, tankless water heater, flat screen TVs, computers, and anything else you rely on. Imagine the heartache of losing your priceless digital photos and mementos stored on your desktop drive – because a loss from from a power outage or surge isn’t just about the monetary value, but the irreplaceable memories too.

This is why the National Electric Code (NEC) recently updated their codes to highlight the importance of surge protection, making it a must-have for all modern homes.

Why Invest in Whole Home Surge Protection?
Eaton whole home surge protection products from Hartland Electric

Whole home surge protection acts like a guardian angel for your electronics and appliances, shielding them from sudden spikes in electrical power. These surges can be caused by anything from lightning strikes to power grid fluctuations, and without protection, they can wreak havoc on your home’s electrical systems.

Here’s why you should consider surge protection:

  • Safeguard Your Electronics: Protect your valuable devices from unexpected surges.
  • Preserve Precious Memories: Ensure your digital photos and important documents remain safe.
  • Peace of Mind: Rest easy knowing your home is equipped with the latest safety measures.
Understand the Difference Between...

A Whole Home Surge Protection System and Plug-in Surge Protectors:

Coverage and Protection

  • Whole Home Surge Protection: This system is installed at your home’s main electrical panel and provides protection for your entire electrical system. It safeguards all the appliances and devices in your home, including hard-wired equipment like HVAC systems, refrigerators, ovens, and any other devices that are connected directly to the electrical system.
  • Plug-in Surge Protectors: These devices are designed to protect individual electronics and appliances. They are typically used for devices like computers, TVs, and other sensitive electronics. Each protector only covers the specific items plugged into it.

Level of Protection

  • Whole Home Surge Protection: Offers a higher level of protection as it can handle larger surges, such as those caused by lightning strikes or major power grid issues. It acts as the first line of defense, significantly reducing the risk of damage to your home’s electrical system and connected devices.
  • Plug-in Surge Protectors: Provide limited protection and are generally suitable for smaller surges. They can be overwhelmed by larger surges, leaving your devices vulnerable.


  • Whole Home Surge Protection: Requires professional installation by a licensed electrician, as it needs to be integrated into the main electrical panel of your home.
  • Plug-in Surge Protectors: Can be easily purchased and used by homeowners. They simply plug into an electrical outlet, and devices are then plugged into the surge protector.

Longevity and Maintenance

  • Whole Home Surge Protection: Typically more durable and long-lasting. These systems are designed to protect your home for many years, often with minimal maintenance required.
  • Plug-in Surge Protectors: Have a shorter lifespan and may need to be replaced more frequently. Over time, their effectiveness can diminish, especially after multiple surge events.


  • Whole Home Surge Protection: Generally involves a higher initial cost due to the professional installation and the comprehensive nature of the system. However, it can save money in the long run by preventing costly damage to your home’s electrical system and appliances.
  • Plug-in Surge Protectors: More affordable upfront, but they offer less protection and may need to be replaced more often, potentially leading to higher costs over time if multiple units are required or if devices are damaged.


  • Whole Home Surge Protection: Once installed, it works automatically and protects everything in your home without the need for additional plug-in devices.
  • Plug-in Surge Protectors: Require manual installation and management for each device or group of devices you want to protect.

Whole Home Surge Protection Devices

As certified electrical contractors, we specialize in installing Eaton’s surge protection systems, ensuring your home gets the best protection available.

Hartland Electric-eaton external surge protection device
External Surge Protection Device
  • Externally mounted to your breaker box
  • Compatible with any manufacturers breaker box
  • Limited lifetime product warranty
  • Connected equipment warranty
Hartland Electric - eaton circuit breaker with surge protection
Circuit Breaker with Surge Protection
  • Internally mounted to your breaker box
  • Recommended use with limited panel space
  • Functional 2-pole circuit breaker
  • 5-year limited product warranty
  • Connected equipment warranty
Plug on Module Surge Protection
  • Plug-on neutral and legacy designs for new and retrofit applications
  • Protects single- and split-phase configurations
  • Offers a 1-year product warranty
  • Installed like a circuit breaker, these modules are mounted in your load center
Eaton Certified Electrical Contractor

As experts in the field, we are Eaton Certified Electrical Contractors! In fact, we have been installing Eaton’s top-of-the-line surge protection systems for over 10 years, and have been recognized as one of Michigan’s top-rated electricians specializing in whole home surge protection systems.

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